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Rose Mary Ramos Sierra

Rose Mary Ramos Sierra

Born in Bayamon PR in November 1989. Her parents are Andres Ramos and Magdalena Sierra. Rose Mary’s talent as a painter and interest in art started when she was a little child. She studied in Rexville Elementary School in Bayamon. When she was in 6th grade, she sent a request to an Art School in Santurce, PR named Central High of Visuals Arts. After the evaluation, she was accepted and she spent two years studying art basics such as basic designs, drawing, and graphic arts and at the same time she taking junior high school classes.

In 2004 she was expulsed of the Art School but instead of giving up, Rose Mary starts attending to painting class at municipal of Bayamon. At this point she starts her career as a painter with her paintings in oil medium: Símbolo vivo de Puerto Rico (2004) and El Alfarero (2005). Those two paintings are painted in oil medium for the first time by this young artist. Those masterpieces have been exhibited in many places such as:


  • Club de Leones in Bayamon
  • Plaza las Americas
  • Café teatro Carmen Delia Dipini in Bayamon
  • Buchanan Base and Fransisco Oller Museum in Bayamon (collective exposition)

After her graduation in William Rivera Ponce Junior High she continued to paint and study art. In 2006 Rose Mary couldn’t spend any more time in her class because the space was needed for new students. She continues to paint and practice in high school. She studied in Pedro P. Casablanca High School in Bayamon. Rose Mary’s new paintings were:

  • A replica of Símbolo vivo de Puerto Rico in acrylic
  • A replica of a Geisha with a guitar that she change a few things from the original
  • A landscape painting with a Flamboyán and horse.

In 2008 she applied and worked hard to be accepted to: Escuela de Artes Plásticas; the only college of Plastic Arts in Puerto Rico. She was accepted after presenting her portfolio of paintings, drawings of people, anime and religious themes. Now she studies in Escuela de Artes Plásticas with a bachelor of Painting degree. Rose Mary wants to continue studying after her bachelor to learn more about art and keep applying her knowledge of painting.

Artist statement about art:

“Art is like a key, a key to open our minds; inspired by all the things around us. A key in our hand to create whatever we want, whatever we feel and everything you think is plasmid in all the pages, linoleum, canvas etc; to paint at the end a great series of creation and masterpieces made by our hands. As for me I thank God for giving me this beautiful blessing, the power and the key to create masterpieces from my mind. Our art creations are the result of our inspirations and creativity.”




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